The SP-1 and GT-R have been road registered in the UK and various other countries. Please contact us if you have a specific query.
Yes, both the SP-1 and GT-R are designed to comply with the regulations.
Our cars have been designed, developed and tested over a period of years to be assembled in a single garage by a novice. Expert guidance is available at every stage, as far as we are concerned there is no such thing as a daft question. Simple, inexpensive hand tools that can be purchased from any motor factors/ car parts shop are all that you need to build one of our cars. We are very conscious that we are selling a leisure activity and therefore will do everything in our power to make your build a pleasurable experience resulting in a car to be proud of. If you still have any doubts about how straightforward it is to assemble the SP-1/ GT-R or are interested in exploring a potential purchase further please do not hesitate to phone our office on 07940 984711.
We have created build manuals that detail each stage of the build, packed with diagrams and advice to help customers build the best possible car. We continuously improve the manual based on customer feedback to make the process as easy as possible.
Both the SP-1 and GT-R have been designed as very capable track cars that can be used on the road, and as such have :- – Ample suspension travel – Adjustable suspension – Ample leg room – Easy cockpit access – Superb visibility – Ergonomically designed dashboard and controls – Good turning circle -Sufficient ride height for speed humps – Easy to drive – Easy access to all mechanical parts – Powder coated and plated components – Designed to fit inside a standard house garage
The gear change is centrally mounted, ideally placed close to the steering wheel. A paddle shift is also an option with paddles situated behind the steering wheel.
The factory recommends the Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR engine/ gearbox unit due to the blend of exceptional performance, low weight and solid reliability. The SP-1 can also accept the Suzuki Hayabusa engine, and the GT-R can accept a range of alternative engines such as the Kawasaki ZX-9, ZX-12, ZX14, Suzuki Hayabusa, or Audi 1.8 Turbo.
Modern superbike gearboxes are incredibly strong and have an exceptional weight/strength ratio. The Honda Fireblade unit has been chosen specifically due to the quality of engineering and the resulting performance combined with reliability.
Our average customer takes around 200 – 250 hours. We encourage our customers to take their time and savour the build process.
No – there are a few generic parts that can be taken from a donor, but most parts are available new or are bespoke to the SP-1/ GT-R.
Yes, several LHD cars have been built.
Our company policy is to deal directly with our customers and so all ARL vehicles are supplied directly from the factory in West Yorkshire, UK to the customer.
As standard there is no specific luggage space, however it is possible to use the front nose area of the SP-1 as a luggage compartment, and for the GT-R, there is space to add some storage into the sidepods.
You can spread the overall purchase over as many different build stages/payments as you desire to suit your budget.
Kits are generally ready for shipping within 6 weeks of an order being placed.
The factory will e-mail the company bank details with the invoice and you simply instruct your bank to transfer the outstanding funds to the account.
Our cars can be built using a modest tool kit, however the build can be made easier by using some inexpensive specialist tools. A full list of essential and optional tools is provided in the instruction manual.
The car can be driven at road legal speeds quite safely without the rear wing, it is only needed to optimise down force for 100+mph driving.
We have a partner company that build cars to special order, please contact us for details.
Our cars, being very light, have compliant suspension giving an excellent and enjoyable ride quality. The shock absorbers are fully adjustable, allowing the ride quality to be easily adjusted by changing the damper settings via an adjustment knob at the base of each damper in a matter of minutes – from comfortable road settings to track day settings.
The cars have been designed as road going sports cars so will therefore clear speed humps.
This is dependant on the final specification of car that is chosen, but cars can be assembled from as little as £22,000.
The engine, differential and front/rear hub assemblies are taken from other vehicles – a full break down of these parts is contained within the build manual.
Modern superbike engines have an incredible power to weight ratio and coupled with their integral 6 speed sequential gearboxes, it makes them ideal for a lightweight sportscar. The low weight sharpens handling and acceleration, whilst the power characteristics are well suited for lightweight cars and perfectly complemented by the close ratio gearbox. The engines have plenty of power and torque for good low speed drivability when geared down for a car application via the differential, whilst at the same time offering explosive performance when pushed.
Building a kit car is a very satisfying experience – to drive a car that you have built yourself to your own specification is something incredibly special. It also offers you the opportunity to build something to your own exacting requirements and to customise a bespoke vehicle. Building the car yourself makes it possible to build a vehicle with incredible performance for a relatively small budget.