Please contact us directly for a full price list including options. We have options including: Race spec roll hoop, Rose jointed/ spherical bearing type suspension, powder coating of chassis and wishbones

• GT-R Chassis kit including road specification roll hoop, wishbones, rear uprights, polybush set, nut and bolt pack, build manual£3400
• SP-1 Chassis kit including CDS roll hoop (road spec), wishbones, rear uprights, polybush set, nuts and bolts for suspension, build manual, fine adjustable rear suspension for toe and camber as standard£3802


Please contact ARL for the full price list with all the brake system options 
GT-R / SP-1 Front brake kit (road) – Willwood  4 pot lightweight aluminium calipers, brake discs, mounting brackets, bolts and road spec brake pads£585
• GT-R / SP-1 Front brake kit (track) Willwood Powerlite drilled and grooved front brake kit includes lightweight aluminium calipers, drilled and grooved brake discs, mounting brackets, bolts, and track spec brake pads£736
• GT-R / SP-1 Rear brake kit: includes pair of new calipers with handbrake function, bolts, pair of brake discs and brake pads (suitable for road and track)£402
• GT-R / SP-1 Rear brake kit, drilled and grooved: includes pair of new calipers with handbrake function, bolts, pair drilled and grooved brake discs and brake pads (suitable for road and track)£454


• Limited slip differential (second hand)£880
• Driveshaft and Lobro joint kit (2 x driveshafts, 4 x joints, gaiters, grease and bolts)£195
• Propshaft for bike engined car£232
• Electric reverse gear kit – includes drive gear, high torque motor, mounting bracket, fasteners and instructions£465
• Sprocket adapter/ Propshaft drive flange for motorbike engines, CNC machined from Nickel-Chrome Molybdenum steel, for CBR1000RR, Hayabusa, R1, ZX10, ZX12, ZX14, etc (please specify exact model needed)£52


• Aluminium fuel tank with mounting flange for tank mounted pumps, breather tube, optional fuel return pipe, and fuel level sender boss£450
• Water header tank – aluminium with pressure cap£80 
• Radiator – Standard font mounted£96 
• Radiator – Aluminium race type with thermostat switch boss (blanking plug supplied)£333 
• Radiator fan with mountings£60 
• Honda Fireblade CBR1000 sump kit: baffled CNC machined sump, baffle plate, oil pickup and bolts£865
• Electric water pump£192 
• Water pump blanking kit (CBR1000) – bung with retaining clamp and bolts£45 
• Oil cooler sandwich plate£49 
• Oil cooler – Road specification£135 
• Oil cooler – Track/ race specification£335 
• Throttle cable – low friction cable with teflon lining, comprehensive universal fitting kit to allow fitting to a variety of engines£36 
• Clutch cable – bespoke to suit engine installation and clutch pedal£71 
• Gear linkage, floor mounted for bike engine sequential gearboxes£153


• GTR 5 Piece Body set road spec – Nose, dash top panel, sidepods and rear section£2400
• SP-1 5 Piece Body set road spec – Nose, Dash pod, sidepods and rear clam£2650
• Pair fibreglass seats standard or wide, base fixing – black (add £30 for white, red, navy blue, traffic blue, grey, yellow or orange), ready to fit onto standard runners or to the floor£385
• Pair fibreglass seats standard or wide with carbon fibre headrests, ready to fit onto standard runners or the floor£480
• Seatbelts, full harness (pair) from£270
• Lighting set – front: two halogen main beam with integral sidelight units, two dipped beam units, IVA compatible£271
• Lighting set front and rear (round rear lights), side lights, halogen headlights, indicators, number plate light, rear lights including reverse, fog and reflectors, IVA compatible£539
• Front light pod covers (pair)£67

Build Modules

Below we have laid out comprehensive build modules to make the specifying and building of your GT-R or SP-1 easier, with some parts for the customer to add to complete the build (such as engine, wheels, tyres, seats, plus various optional parts). These modules are for a road or track car fitted with lights, please contact ARL for a full price list with all options and parts listed.

  • Module 1 – Rolling Chassis

Powder coated chassis kit complete with engine mounts, roll hoop, aluminium panel set, front and rear wishbone set with bushes and bolts, ball joint set, steering rack with mounts, steering column with extension and support bearing, aluminium shock absorbers and springs. The customer will need to source donor front and rear hub assemblies (or ARL can supply these), wheels and tyres to complete the rolling chassis.

GT-R £6683

SP-1 £7236

  •  Module 2 – Brake system

Pedal set with bearings, brake balance bar, master cylinders, solid brake lines and unions, brake switch, flexible brake lines, handbrake lever, handbrake cable, Wilwood aluminium 4 pot front calipers, rear brake calipers with handbrake function, brake pads, caliper fitting kit, front and rear brake disks, all nuts and bolts needed to assemble.

GT-R £1772

SP-1 £1970

  • GTR Module 3 – Engine installation kit

Radiator, radiator fan, electric water pump, water header tank, oil cooler, oil cooler take off plate, oil lines, aluminium oil fittings, clutch cable, throttle cable, fuel line, fuel tank, gear linkage and gear stick, sprocket adapter, prop shaft, prop shaft bolts, half shafts with Lobro joints, drive shaft bolts and chassis wiring loom. Customer to source the engine, engine wiring loom and ECU to complete the engine installation.

GT-R £2702

SP-1 £2965

  • GTR Module 4 – Bodywork

5 piece bodywork set comprising of the nose, dash panel, sidepods and rear clamshell, Headlight covers, hinges for rear clamshell, bodywork fasteners, alignment pins, front and rear IVA compliant lighting set.

GT-R £3583

SP-1 £3746

SP-1 Price list – Out Now! Please email for details