The SP-1 is an evolution of the ARL GT-R (previously the Spire GT-R) which uses a lightweight powertrain and wind tunnel honed, downforce generating body to create an extreme road car which is mighty on the track. This is cemented by it’s racing history, the GT-R winning many races and holding various hillclimb records.

Panelled chassis

The chassis is a lightweight, fully triangulated steel space frame, built to the highest standards with an integral roll hoop and high chassis sides to enhance both chassis stiffness and offer enhanced protection for the passenger compartment. We have used the latest cutting edge design and analysis software to refine the chassis design to cope with the demanding needs of a downforce generating track car, and are continuing to evolve the vehicle design to stay ahead of the competition.

The bodywork has been optimised in the wind tunnel to eliminate lift, whilst minimising drag, resulting in a car that inspires confidence at any speed.

The SP-1 and GT-R models are being constantly evolved through competition and testing, with evolution continuing as we further optimise both the mechanical and aerodynamic side of the vehicle. We will share our developments on both the website and our Facebook page (Aardvark Racing Ltd).


GT-R Test in the MIRA wind tunnel


  • Performance: Top speed 120 to 150mph depending on final drive ratio and engine used
  • 0-60 mph 3.5 seconds for CBR1000RR engined car
  • Weight: 460 to 600kg depending on engine and overall specification
  • Chassis structure: Steel spaceframe structure with integral roll hoop, structural aluminium side panels and floor
  • Bodywork: 5 piece Glass Fibre reinforced plastic body, with optional rear wing or Gurney flap
  • Engine: Motorbike engined options with integral 6 speed sequential gearbox (CBR1000RR is our recommended engine providing circa 198bhp at the flywheel/ 170bhp at wheels). Other engine options are available.
  • Transmission: 6 speed sequential gearbox for bike engine cars with either paddle or stick shift. 5 or 6 speed Transaxle for Audi engines (GT-R only)
  • Brakes: Front – drilled and grooved disks with 4 pot aluminium calipers, Rear – drilled and grooved disks with single pot handbrake caliper, brake bias adjustable for balance front to rear
  • Suspension: Double wishbones with fully adjustable geometry, aluminium dampers with spherical bearings front and rear, adjustable Anti Roll Bars front and rear
  • Overall size: Length 3.7m, Width 1.6m